The Tale Of The Nutcracker

Book and Lyrics by Daniel Helfgot

Licensed by Aldea Publishing 480-922-5958

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Technical Requirements:The Tale of the Nutcracker-opera (2 acts/2 hours)
4 leads, boy soprano, chorus of at least 14
Orchestra of 14

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The Tale of the Nutcracker is an operatic adaptation of ETA Hoffmann's novelette The Nutcracker. Marie is a teenage girl looking for love and "happily ever after." Her uncle Drosselmeyer comes to a party bearing a wooden Nutcracker for Marie. After her little brother breaks it, Marie patches it and falls asleep. Shadows and spirits begin to attack her and she is saved by the nutcracker turned prince. She enters his magical world through an enormous grandfather's clock. It is a world of "happily ever after" where time remains frozen. Will she remain trapped there? This opera is in scene /aria form and though a family show is essentially a dark and satirical story closer to Hoffmann's original.


Bohmler's facile, melodic score takes advantage of operatic conventions with arias, ensembles, duets and choruses. His scoring is colorful, inventive and confident- Bohmler clearly has the gifts and technique for writing satisfying vocal music and dramatically vital scores. Kelly Snyder, Opera News.






Bohmler, who has worked in both opera and popular music theater, evinces a bright lyric talent. He keeps his score simmering with congenial tunes, affable ariosos and canny cantilenas that seem to adhere to every situation and every character. His orchestration brims with adroitness. Scored for only 14 players (with some doubling), the opera abounds in imaginative instrumental touches, like pairing violin with tuba at the beginning of Act II. Such strokes kept the ear alert in the 500-seat Montgomery Theater.

San Francisco Examiner

Bohmler's music is sophisticated after the manner of Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, and the score is beautifully orchestrated. San Francisco Classical Voices

Bohmler uses a very agreeable blend of modern tonal devices and traditional exposition/aria structures. Metro


He writes beautifully for the voice and even more beautifully for ensembles. The choral writing is gorgeous.

San Jose Mercury News

A wealth of brightly colored tunes- from a musical standpoint, The Tale of the Nutcracker is an adept and often entrancing creation- He writes sweeping Broadway style ballads one moment and tonal more intricately wrought ensembles a la Barber and Britten the next. He moves with admirable proficiency between those stylistic worlds. I was impressed again and again by the resourcefulness with which Bohmler has scored the piece for an orchestra of only 14 players.

San Francisco Chronicle